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Name: Sara Krin


Located: Barcelona (Spain)

Labels: IAMT, Reload, Dolma, Wicked Waves, Finder, Black Snake Recordings, Reload Records, Outcode Records

Bio: Talking about Sara Krin is talking about strength. From an early age Sara discovers her interest in music. At age 9 she begins with music lessons and never leave it until age 17 when she purchase her first equipment. She learned herself playing with vinyl. After years of practice, in 2014 her passion share that feeling that produces the music and she decided to study musical production.

Despite being a lover of all kind of electronic music, she loves playing Techno music..

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Barcelona, Spain

IAMT / Dolma / Reload Records / Black Snake Recordings / Black Kat / Finder / Outcode / Wicked Waves

Radio Showcase: Hey Sara, please introduce yourself to our listener!

"Sara:  I'm Sara Krin located in Barcelona (Spain)."

Radio Showcase: Since when have you been making music?

"Sara: I studied a production course at a professional school in Barcelona in 2015 and I didn't start to release my own productions until 2008, which was when I sat in the studio and seriously focused on what I had been preparing for for a long time. "

Radio Showcase: Are there any new tracks from Sara soon? And if so, can you tell us on which label?

" Sara: After this situation we are living, I have a lot of tracks signed in different labels and I wish I could say it now but I can't say anything unfortunately but I can say that with the isolation of many months has made me find myself musically in production. You will notice a change in my tracks that I think you may like a lot (or at least I hope so!) hahaha"

Radio Showcase: What other interests do you have besides techno music?

" Sara: I love playing the piano. I can spend hours playing it, it's amazing how it relaxes me. I recently did a live on my Instagram (which you can still see) which I failed several times since I haven't played it for a long time but I want to go back to it and continue learning music."

Radio Showcase: What else are you planning musically in 2021?

" Sara: I would love to tell you that my schedule is busy but all of us who work in nightlife are a bit on the lookout for the present and hoping that they will let us be free very soon."

Radio Showcase: We are a brand of Black Snake Recordings. What do you think of Black Snake Recordings and where do you see the label group in a few years?

" Sara: I love the work you do. Almost two years ago I met you and the truth was that it was a great discovery because I have seen you grow, working hard until you have formed a great team. I always appreciate the opportunity to be within your agency because it is a pleasure to work with you. Keep it up because Black Snake is going to give a lot to talk about!."

Radio Showcase: How much does the current situation with Covid-19 affect your musical work and career?

" Sara: Well I suppose that like everyone else, we have been more than ten months without being able to work, without being able to do what we like the most and that affects mentally as well as it affects the pocket for those who dedicate themselves 100% to it and the truth is that all I hope is that this passes very soon. But we have to be positive and in my case I have taken advantage of it to make a lot of music, to listen to myself, to find myself musically and that will be reflected in my next releases.."

Radio Showcase: What are your plans for the next 1-2 years? 

" Sara: Uff.. I can't answer this question because with the chaos that is mounted, I don't even know what will happen to us tomorrow so I just hope that all this passes soon, that we return to our freedom that we use to had before and above all, I hope that everyone is fine and healthy because as soon as they let us out, we will enjoy it TOO MUCH!! .."