Regensburg, Germany

Renesanz / Reload Records / Black Snake Recordings / Insectum Records / Gryphon Records


Pain&Panic is a producer and  DJ Duo based in Ratisbon (Germany).

The start of their journey was the first gig on new years eve 18/19.
After the first EP in July 2019, many huge releases followed.  

Their sound combines a unique style of drums and heavy remarkable drops that you will keep in your minds.

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Radio Showcase: Hey guys, please introduce yourself to our listener!

"Pain&Panic: We are Julian and Lamin delivering music as Pain&Panic from our beautiful hometown Regensburg."

Radio Showcase: Since when have you been making music?

"Pain&Panic: The first beginnings were in early 2018 with some music sessions and Juli started to produce again. We've met regularly since then."

Radio Showcase: How did your current release Messina EP come about? Idea? Inspiration?

" Pain&Panic: It was quite a fast process after Mozzy Rekorder delivered a ton of amazing sounds. We made a base of heavy drums, added some more sounds, some melodic elements and arranged it."

Radio Showcase: How did the collaboration with Mozzy Rekorder come about?

" Pain&Panic: Mozzy Rekorder got in contact with us and told us how he stands to our music. He was also looking for new Pain&Panic music and asked if we want a remix from him. So we decided to make a collaboration as well. This was really awesom."


Radio Showcase: Why did you release on Black Snake Recordings?

" Pain&Panic: BSR is just one of the most rising techno labels and we love the style and high quality BSR is releasing. Also the professional work between artist and label gives us the right feeling."

Radio Showcase: What else are you planning musically and what other interests do you have besides techno music?

" Pain&Panic:  Since we have so much time at home we are focussing a lot on our production skills.

Besides that Juli is an ongoing architect and Lamin is much into sports"

Radio Showcase: How much does the current situation with Covid-19 affect your musical work and career?

" Pain&Panic:  It's really sad that nobody can live out his concerns in the clubs. But the most affecting thing is not being able to feel our projects with the crowd on the dance floor"

Radio Showcase: What are your plans for the next 1-3 years?

" Pain&Panic: 

We hope to play everywhere it's possible and bring our sound in everybody's hometown. But first of all let's hope everything will get back to normal this year.

And one thing for sure: We will never stop making music :)