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Name: Mauro Somm


Located: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Labels: Tronic, IAMT, Renesanz, Dolma

Bio: Mauro Sebastian Sommaruga, 23 years old, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His incursion into the world of electronic music began at the early age of 8, where he found an album by someone called 'David Guetta' named Blaster in his home. In that moment, he fell completely in love with the genre, the sounds, the well-known '4 to the floor' rhythm, with its energy and, above all, the vibe. There was no turning back. Over the years his hearing developed, covering almost all genres of

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Artist Interview

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Radio Showcase: We saw you are using fl studio, why? And did you ever try Ableton ?

" Mauro: I tried Ableton, it has some amazing factory plugins, you can make complex processes easily and have more control over the samples. But I did not like the workflow tho. In FL Studio I know how to make everything I could possibly do in Ableton since I used it and perfectionate it a lot and my workflow is faster and organic on Fl Studio... my ideas just come easily and I can work on them at no-time."


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tronic / IAMT / Renesanz / Dolma

Radio Showcase: Hello Mauro it’s a plaeasure to have you with us today! Please introduce yourself for our listeners!

"Mauro:  I'm Mauro Somm from Buenos Aires, Argentina."

Radio Showcase: How did you start in music?

"Mauro: I feel atracted to music since I was a little 6 year old boy, I had a computer at my house since I was born so fortunately I always had the technology at my hands.
I officially started my long music journey when I was around 10 years old, downloading some DJING softwares and downloading electro house bangers to play on haha. I always loved the melodies, the vocals and all that mainstream stuff, I actually come from the EDM with genres like Progressive House, Electro House, Bounce, Trance, PsyTrance, Bigroom, Deep House, etc. So it is 13 years of DJING + just 2 years of music production, yeah, that short time apparently was ''enough'' to reach some quality level I was aiming for. But of course I am still learning and trying to improve myself everyday :) The best teacher is the one that never stops learning IMO. 

Radio Showcase: Since When you decided to start producing?

" Mauro: I decided to start producing since my music colleagues always pushed me to do it because I always gave help and contributed ideas in their projects... and here we are now"

Radio Showcase: Do you have a favorite artist?

" Mauro: This is a difficult one for me honestly, because I am not a fan of no one and I may sound arrogant but that is the honest truth haha. I always tend to like some artist at some periods of time. My feelings at those moments are always important. Nowadays I feel really attracted to Layton Giordani, Bart Skils and Victor Ruiz style. The melodies they make, the synths they use, the groove of the deep bassline they use and that Cutoffed saw lead is just mesmerizing in my opinion. Now outside of the Techno world I really love Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, The Weeknd, Daft Punk, RÜFÜS DU SOL, David Guetta, Grimes, Kamilo Sanclemente, etc..."

Radio Showcase: Which is your biggest achievement so far? 

" Mauro: I really like this question tho. I feel that my biggest achievement so far could be my release on Tronic, or maybe the fact that in just two years I am in a really not bad position in the Techno scene, and I can go on telling these kind of things... But I think that the greatest achievement I could possibly reach so far is the happiness and self-fulfill I feel being in this world of music doing what I love and knowing a lot of beautiful people on this hard road that sometimes feels like a crazy roller coaster of different moods."

Radio Showcase: How did the lockdown treated you? 

" Mauro: Luckil it did not treated me that bad, I got more time to dedicate to know a bit more of myself, focused on my mental well being and produce more music."

Radio Showcase: Do you have upcoming releases? 

" Mauro: Oh yes ! I have a two tracks coming in two different VA's one on Loose Records and the other one in an Argentinian label called Homesick Music.
Currently I am working in a lot of new projects with different artists making collabs, this year will be really special since I am aiming to top notch labels.

Radio Showcase: Do you want to tell us something about your sound? 

" Mauro: Hmm what could I tell you. I always try to make the things I personally and trully believe are good and can add something fresh to the scene. I would not allow myself to be generic or sound like someone else. I want to sound like Mauro Somm but being inside the Techno world and mood."